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A lot of people come to a point in life where they panic and feel that they have hit a wall!

This is due to the fact that people always focus on the future or their past and refuse to deal with each day at a a time.

My theory in life is very simple.  I look at each stage of life as a door that you are knocking on to find what you are searching for.  This could be success in work, relationships etc…

Imagine you are walking down a road and you have a long street which is your life, the point behind this life is to knock on every door until you have reached your last door, which is your goal in life.  This is where a lot of people go wrong.  They get stuck at a certain door and give up. This could be because they didn’t achieve what they wanted. Panic and Negative Energy start taking the clarity they had when they started.

This might sound very easy but applying it and fully understanding each step of the way is where people go wrong and I personally feel that over the last ten years of my life I have reached a great understanding of this.

So please stay tuned, I will be working on writing daily and will post as much as I can.

Remember, if you are stuck, you have not knocked on every door.  Every rejection brings you closer to your success.

I am obviously 31 and have a lot to learn but this blog will be targeted to people in my age group, to coach and motivate this age group to success in their life!



This theory that life is a numbers game has been widely used by various people. It has been applied to sales careers, relationships and various aspects of life in general.

I have adapted this theory in various parts of my life and it has proven to be a huge success. I will start sharing on this blog the way I understood it and applied it in life.

It has proven to take the negativity out of my thinking and make me more focused.

I hope you enjoy the knowledge and experience and feel free to post and add to my blog.

All the Best,


Mahmoud Antar

I have been asking my self that question for the last ten years.

I have had  great experience in the sales field and noticed that certain things I have learned also apply to general matters of life.

If adapted properly, this theory gives you a new perspective and attitude towards life.

My goad is to write blogs for the next few years and hopefully turn this into a published book and seminars.

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